Representation and inclusion

Kanorau me te whai wāhitanga

As recruitment leaders, we embrace the opportunity to be champions of representation and inclusion, helping our clients to build innovative, happier and more productive workplaces.

Different makes the difference: valuing the uniqueness of every individual is at the heart of our Kaupapa.

We are committed to training our staff on inclusive talent attraction and recruitment practices and we take a proactive approach to building diverse talent pools. In turn, this enables us to support our clients' representation and inclusion objectives and provides a wider range of candidates for selection than would be found through traditional advertising campaigns.

A key focus of our representation and inclusion strategy is to create leadership pathways for Māori and Pasifika candidates and work with external partners to enrich our growing talent pipeline.

All of our team are trained in unconscious bias. We are constantly evolving our own representation and inclusion strategy, and are very proud of the diversity represented in our own team.

Niche is a member of Diversity Works New Zealand, the national body charged with promoting diversity and inclusion in New Zealand workplaces.

".... I am really very impressed with the quality and diversity of the people you have been able to find – absolutely consistent with your vision and kaupapa."

Our values
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Our kaupapa Māori strategy is focused on improving opportunities for Māori in leadership roles across the private and state sectors.

Kei te hihiri tatou i te kitenga o tetahi kaimahi pakari ake, whai hua me te mahi ngoi.

We are an independently owned recruitment firm with a kaupapa to match exceptional people to the specialist roles that need them.

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